Stressed Because of Pain During Breastfeeding? Here's what You Can do

New mothers sometimes experience pain in their breasts during breastfeeding. There can be multiple reasons — from late down reflection to too much supply. And it is important to deal with these issues. Besides, the oxytocin hormone also gets released when a mother thinks about the baby because of which her breast starts leaking. Several times when milk comes to the breast, there is a feeling of tingling, pricking, or some other weird sensation. There can be many other reasons for the pain.

Stressed Because of Pain During Breastfeeding?

Some women generate more breast milk than they require and that causes pain. This pain, however, reduces on its own after three months. If the baby breastfeeds properly, the pain reduces. But if the mother is unable to feed properly or the baby is unable to take milk, the problem persists or may even increase.

Mastitis is a condition in which milk does not come out of the breast properly. This causes swelling in the breasts and many times it blocks the milk ducts. This can also result in fever due to severe pain. In this situation, feed the baby from the breast which has swelling or pain. If the pain still does not get reduced, use ice or warm water to massage it.

Apart from this, use a breast pump to excrete milk. Thrush is a kind of infection that can happen in a baby’s mouth or mother’s nipple. If the baby has some antibiotics, the risk increases. Also, if the period comes after delivery, there are chances of pain. Not wearing a bra of the right fitting can also cause pain.

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